Indiegogo Fineprint that I didn’t expect. Save my Campaign.

I worked hard on my campaign, and figured if I didn’t get a lot of visibility or a high “gogofactor” which got me featured or allowed strangers to see my campaign, it would be all my fault. I read the contract in it’s entirety, I read all the blogs, I followed all the tips. That means that by the end of week one, I was in the first place in art, one the first page of popular, and by the end of week two I was informed that next Thursday the 29th, I was going to be their twitter featured campaign of the day. Usually, I access my campaign by simply typing in the address, but occasionally, I choose to browse the art department to see that I’m still in good standing. This week, I’m not in it. I’m not in art, I’m not in popular, I’m not in featured. I’m not visible at all unless you know the address to my campaign, or follow one of the links I’ve posted to it.

I wrote to indiegogo to see how this is possible, I’ve raised 35% of my goal from friends and family, and although my donations have petered out, I also have almost 4,500 views. To go from the top place in art to invisible didn’t make sense.

The email I got in response read as follows:

Seriously??? I followed the link to a support :

It seems to me, that in order to know about this strange rule, that I have to raise five hundred dollars in two weeks, I would have had to, in advance of failing to find my campaign listed on the site, go to the help category of the forum and look for an explanation as to why my campaign wasn’t listed. I didn’t think I’d have that problem, I’ve been working hard and following all their obvious tips. Now, I’m suffering the inability of strangers to view my site, and I would have had no idea, had I not randomly checked my standing in the art section. This is ridiculous. And it seems pretty contradictory to most of the other things that I had read in their tips section. What if a campaign is only for seven hundred dollars? That means in the first two weeks you have to raise almost all of your money? What if, like me, the ability of your friends and family to support your campaign ends at 35% of the funds? I need to raise $45 more to be at the $500 mark, and at that point I’ll be at almost fifty percent of my campaign. Meanwhile, people whose campaign is for a million dollars have the same demand? I made my campaign for a low amount of money in order to reach my goal, because my social network is not rich, but campaigns that have donations of $25,000 in one shot have the same rules as me? It seems like this is a game for rich people to make more, not poor people to be given an equal chance.

Considering the last email I got from indiegogo support was telling me that my gogofactor was up, I was completely blindsided by the fact that I have been made invisible on their site. Though this page says that they do not offer paid placement, it seems to me that this is exactly what they do. Most of the top campaigns on the featured page have HUGE lump sum donations, often made by the name of a person or organization directly affiliated with the campaign. Sorry, but my artist buddies can’t compete with Fix Young America. a campaign by the young entrepreneurial council having a donation for $20,000 in the first week of their campaign.

I’m pissed, and disappointed. I want to donate that $45 to myself just to get myself visible again, but I can’t make myself do that. If I fail at my campaign, indiegogo is going to take 9%, after paypal having taken roughly 4% and the same for credit cards. I can’t afford to be donating money for them to take off of me, I might need it to satisfy the perks for the people who did invest in me. I’m going to look into this more, because I think that this rule, of having to have $500 raised is in direct opposition to many of the other tips that I’ve read, and I’m also going to do more of a search to see if there was any reasonable way I could have known about this before hand. Updates will follow.

But one more thing, quickly, so that you understand a little bit of why I feel like I’ve been deceived.

There are two and one line pages (each page has ten lines of three), of Art if you go to Browse and click on that category. Following those two thirty three campaigns, there are ten pages of campaigns with no time left. I didn’t notice, prior to being told about this five hundred dollar rule, that every one of the finished campaigns has at least $500 raised, whether that’s 1% of their goal or 75% of their goal.  When you’re wasting space, posting a whole bunch of campaigns that failed miserably, or are long since finished, why would one of the people campaigning on your site have reason to suspect that you would remove an active campaign with an increasing gogofactor and 35% of their goal raised in two weeks out of a six week campaign?  What’s the point of you taking that 9% fee if you’re not actually doing me the service of allowing me to be seen by people outside of my own existing network.


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